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Meto(メト) MEJIBRAY “RAVEN” Photo Set

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Preview of D.I.D. “DOCUMENT.MOV” (English Subtitles) 

It’s my first time making subtitles for a video so please let me know if they are working properly.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy this small excerpt from the rare “” DVD. Please don’t reupload this video elsewhere without my permission or chances are that I won’t be uploading the rest.

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I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.

— (via ribcagedpiano)

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[Twitter] Akane 2014.2.4
Akane: My throat's really terrible. I better sleep...
Akane: What's up with that, seriously.
Akane: I was such an idiot for being stubborn and not using steroids.
Akane: The only thing I can do is sleep.
Akane: It seems my uncle who lived alone died by himself in his apartment. They didn't find him until two days after he died. That's too sad, really.
Akane: it's a very good day to die.
Akane: I wonder if that's really how it was, though. I wonder if he didn't leave any sort of last words behind him. That's just how life is. While you're still able to realize that you're living in the now, how desperate is your struggle to make the ideal you had imagined become reality. Surely it would be satisfying to be able to die this way. I wonder if that was the case for my uncle.
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[Twitter] Akane's favorite kanji (2014.4.18~19)
Akane: Akane's favorite kanji 【倍】 Meaning: twice as much; Abe; Prime Minister
Akane: Akane's favorite kanji 【露】 Meaning: to expose; Russia; Putin
Akane: Akane's favorite kanji 【宙】 Meaning: cosmos; everything that is real; Akane
Akane: Akane's favorite kanji 【虚】 Meaning: nihilism; useless; a past Akane that no longer exists
Akane: Akane's favorite kanji 【辞】 Meaning: dictionary; truth; Akane
Akane: Akane's favorite kanji 【長】 Meaning: long; leader; to the captain of the south korean ferry boat, please sink with your ship, don't abandon it, die
Akane: Akane's favorite kanji 【猫】 Meaning: cat; a beloved presence to Akane; madness
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[Twitter] 2014.4.23
Akane: Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I seriously thought about killing a person. Or rather, I was about ready to go kill that person. I thought about killing them by tying them to the back of my car and dragging them around the streets of Tokyo, their corpse grating onto the pavement until it disappeared completely. But in the end it all turned into a laughable story. How nice. Stay calm~~~
Akane: I even called 110. I wanted them to be confined until I got to them. But instead, the police said the other person had already dropped a complain about me. So I thought, whatever I'll just go kill them. But, then I told myself, stay calm~~~ and it was over!
---NOTE: 110 is the equivalent in Japan of 911.***
Akane: But for sure one day I'll kill that person. Stay calm~~~
Akane: Good morning.
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